Energy Optimization

Midwest Energy Cooperative offers Energy Optimization (EO) programs to members, as mandated under Michigan’s “Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act,” (Public Act 295), passed by Michigan lawmakers in 2008. The programs are designed to reduce energy use in Michigan with a goal to “delay the need for constructing new electric generating facilities and thereby protect consumers from incurring the costs of such construction.”

All Michigan utility customers are assessed a surcharge on their bill that is used to offer education, programs and services designed to help manage usage. For a typical homeowner using 1000 kilowatt-hours per month, the $0.00130/kWh surcharge amounts to $1.30/month. All revenue collected from this charge is used solely to cover the costs to run the EO programs.

Other rate classes will pay the following monthly fee per meter:

Customers who are eligible and choose to self-direct their EO programs are charged $90.27/meter/month to cover their portion of the Residential Energy Assistance Program for qualified low-income households.

As the state regulatory agency responsible for administering the new energy law, the Michigan Public Service Commission expects those who choose to participate in these EO programs to reduce their consumption and save enough on their electric bill to more than cover the surcharge. The MPSC approves all Midwest Energy Cooperative rates, including the EO surcharge.

EO Programs

The following programs are currently available. Please click on the program for details and applicable rebate information. You will be redirected to the Energy Optimization page where you can click on Midwest Energy Cooperative to see a listing of all of our EO programs. Other programs are under development. Please check back regularly for updates on new programs.

You can also learn more about Public Act 295 at the State of Michigan website.

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