Interruptible Heating & Cooling Program

If electricity is the primary source of energy to heat and cool your home, you may qualify for a special reduced rate when you participate in our Interruptible Heating and Cooling Load Management Program.

Load management allows us to remotely control the electricity to your qualified primary electric heating and cooling systems. As a utility we have periods of peak usage during which customers are using a lot of power at the same time. During these peak periods, we face the possibility of having increased power supply costs. By controlling heating and/or cooling systems and other electric load during these periods, we can control our power consumption and keep prices low for you.

Under this program, your qualified electric heating and cooling usage is tracked on a second meter, and the usage is billed at a lower per kWh rate. You save money and the cooperative reduces overall system demand. All other usage is tracked on the primary meter and billed at the regular rate.

To qualify, you must have a back-up heating system that is capable of supplying the household heating requirements when the primary electric heating system is being controlled.

For more information about this program, please call the cooperative at 1-800-492-5989, or visit one of our district service centers.


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