Interruptible Whole House Load Control

If you are a residential customer and have a whole-house generator with transfer switch, you may qualify for a special reduced rate on your power supply when you participate in our Interruptible Whole House Load Control Program.

A remote device, installed by the cooperative at no additional charge to you, allows us to transfer your residential load from the electric grid to your back-up generator during times of peak system demand or system emergencies. Like our other load management programs, this program allows us to reduce peak load. Because energy supply charges from our power supplier are based on monthly peak demand, all cooperative members ultimately benefit when we can reduce peak. In exchange for the ability to control the load, you pay a lower energy kwh charge for all of your usage on that account. Control can occur anytime, although typical control time will not exceed five hours and usually occurs between 3 – 9 p.m. Most interruptions occur on weekdays, but we are able to control on weekends and holidays if necessary.

Besides the one-time cost for the generator and transfer switch, you also should take into account the cost of fuel to operate the generator when considering this program.

For more information about this program, please call the cooperative at 1-800-492-5989, or visit one of our district service centers.

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