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As a regional electric utility, Midwest Energy Cooperative understands your need to have reliable and affordable energy services. It is for that reason that we have partnered with Volunteer Energy Services, Inc. (VESI) to offer a natural gas supply alternative for current customers of Consumers Energy, SEMCO and MichCon in Michigan.

VESI was founded in 2001 as an alternative source of energy for commercial natural gas customers. Based in Ohio, it is a full-service and experienced energy provider, supplying natural gas in business and residential settings. VESI serves more than 22,000 businesses, some of which include the Ohio market for McDonald’s Corporation, Wendy’s International, Ohio Public Housing Authorities, Goodyear and Firestone Retail Outlets, and numerous cities and municipalities.

Natural gas, like electricity, is open for customer choice in Michigan. What that means is that you, as the end user, can choose the company that supplies your gas. The infrastructure remains the same, and the distribution, billing and customer service components are still handled by your current gas utility; your bill simply shows a different supplier for the gas.

VESI has a proven track record for saving customers valuable dollars on their natural gas costs, as shown on the price comparisons below. For more information, visit the VESI website or contact us at 1-800-492-5989.

This service is operated under Midwest Energy, Inc. and is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.

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