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Our primary business may be the distribution of electricity, but do you really understand and appreciate what that means to your life and the way you live it?

The science and technology behind an electric utility system is truly an amazing thing. It’s a complex infrastructure that begins with a generating plant and ends with the service wires that come in to your home. But in reality, most of us don’t care about the science and technology behind the system. We just want it to work when we need it.

You see, we don’t really buy electricity. It’s not something that we can see, smell, taste or touch. We buy what electricity provides to us in terms of solutions for everyday life. We buy the ability to heat and cool and light our homes. We buy the convenience of brewing coffee, toasting bread, drying hair and vacuuming carpets. We buy the fun of entertainment and the value of information. We buy innovations for life and solutions for living.

We don’t think about electricity as we’re using it; we just use it. It’s there when you need it at the literal flick of a switch – usually! And when it’s not, that’s when we tend to appreciate it the most because it’s during those times that we really realize the value behind the commodity.

Most of us pay less than $5 a day for everything electricity brings to our life. That’s quite a deal for something so easily classified as just another commodity. So before you call to grumble about the cost of your electricity, think about the value. Think about what it provided in comfort and convenience. Think about the innovations for life and solutions for living that it represents.

It’s worth it!

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