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One of our responsibilities as an electric utility is to teach people about the hazards of electricity, and it’s a responsibility that we take very seriously.

We all tend to take electricity for granted, until it’s not there. Then we realize how dependent we are on the flow of current for our everyday existence. However, electricity should not be taken for granted, and should not be treated lightly. It is critical that adults and children alike are aware of the potential dangers of electricity and know how to act accordingly.

Midwest Energy Cooperative offers electrical safety programs for schools, churches, civic groups, emergency response teams and other groups and organizations. The programs are free and can be conducted right in your own facility and adapted to the length of your class or program period. We have two interactive programs that carry a strong message about respecting electricity. The Hot Line Demonstration features a trailer setup including poles and power lines that carry 7200 volts of electricity. The program shows how different elements are affected by electrical contact, and can be adapted for nearly any audience. We also offer Hazard Hamlet, a portable model suited for schools which highlights electrical safety concerns in everyday situations.

For more information about our safety programs, or to schedule a presentation, please contact the public relations office at 1-800-492-5989 or send an email inquiry to pr@teammidwest.com.

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