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I have spent my entire adult life working in the electric cooperative industry and am admittedly a geek about the amazing technology and infrastructure behind the flow of current. But more than that, I am passionate about the value behind the commodity we deliver and what it allows each of us, as consumers of electricity, to do in our day-in and day-out lives. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Some would argue that I’m strongly opinionated; I would suggest that I just love a good dialog on anything from the strength and relevance of rural America, to energy and electricity, to government and politics. Nothing is off limits and I invite you to join me in sharing your thoughts and opinions.

We’ve all got something to say — let’s banter!

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Cost is more than the commodity
December 28, 2016
When did you last enjoy dinner out? Maybe it involved an elegant setting with soft music, candlelight, and chefs with fancy pleated hats preparing your food. Or maybe, like my own last experience, it involved a colorful play area, aroma of greasy...
The Times They Are A Changin’
November 2, 2016
I grew up in the musical era of Bob Dylan, and still enjoy his unique style and sound. He was an iconic spokesman for my generation, penning thought-provoking lyrics that became anthems during a very politically and socially volatile...
Celebrating history and looking to the future
October 4, 2016
We are a people who like a good celebration, and nothing is off limits for a little recognition. Here are just a few of this month’s designated national days: Oct. 2 is Name Your Car Day; Oct. 12, Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day;...
Beverage straws and high-speed internet
September 12, 2016
Inspiration sometimes comes in odd packages. Today mine is a beverage straw/stir stick. I’ve always been a little perplexed by this seemingly useless piece of plastic, typically served up by baristas and bartenders with your beverage of choice....
Taking a page out of playbook and re-lighting the rural space with fiber internet
August 29, 2016
Midwest Energy Cooperative is taking a page out of its historic playbook, and bringing a much needed service to its rural customers and communities. The member-owned cooperative is building a fiber optic infrastructure to deliver high-speed internet...

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