New Service Requirements

Welcome to Midwest Energy Cooperative. We are happy that you are establishing new service with us, and eager to make the process as simple as possible.

To officially get started, we need a little bit of information to identify your new service location. Please contact us at 800-492-5989 or visit one of our district service centers to begin the conversation. Be sure to have one of the following pieces of information when you make contact:

  • The nearest pole number
  • The nearest address
  • The nearest crossroad intersection

Once we’ve established the location, you can begin providing the other pieces of information and documentation; all forms must be returned to the office before your job can begin. The full New Construction Packet is available to download and print here. If you prefer, we can also mail a packet to you. After all forms are returned, you may request an appointment with a field technician to secure an estimate of all fees.

Here is a summary of the forms that must be completed and returned:

  • Right-of-Way Easement: The easement document requires the legal description of your property. Midwest Energy Cooperative will have the easement recorded at the Register of Deeds office (County Courthouse) in the county in which you intend to have service.  All signatures and descriptions must be in black ink.  Construction cannot be scheduled until both sides of the easement document are received. No faxed copies will not be accepted. For your convenience and assistance, a sample completed easement document is included in the packet
  • Membership Application: Please sign and fill in the both sides of the enclosed membership application.
  • Building Site Sketch and Directions to the Site: This document must be completed and returned showing the road on which you are building, the location and names of the closest crossroads, and existing pole number(s) closest to your new building site.  The location of any underground facilities that could be hit during installation of your new service (i.e. septic tanks or drain fields) must also be clearly identified. Please note the location of the meter base on the house and whether you intend to have overhead or underground service.
  • Property Damage Release Form:Please complete service address and sign where indicated.

Other Important Information

  • Meter Base: Permanent 200 and 400 amp meter bases can be picked up at any of our offices. There is no charge for the 200 amp base. It is the member’s responsibility to have the meter base installed and supply the electrical entrance either on the home or on a temporary service pole. We do not supply or sell meter bases for temporary services.You are responsible for any maintenance or repair to your meter base and entrance/riser pipe. Anything related to your electrical service from the meter base and into your home is your responsibility and might require contact with your electrical inspector. That information is included in this packet.
  • Electrical Inspection: All new electrical service must be inspected by the township or county electrical inspector.  We must receive inspection approval from the electrical inspector before construction will begin. If the new service is for farm use, inspection may not be required but written documentation may be necessary from the Township Building Inspector or the Township Supervisor to waive inspection.

Download New Construction Packet.

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