Inspiration sometimes comes in odd packages. Today mine is a beverage straw/stir stick.

I’ve always been a little perplexed by this seemingly useless piece of plastic, typically served up by baristas and bartenders with your beverage of choice. Sometimes it’s a thin singular barrel, and other times it’s two or three thin barrels melded together. Do I stir with it? Drink my beverage through it?

My typical approach is to set it aside and enjoy the beverage unassisted, but inspiration hit as I removed the thin barrel of plastic from this morning’s cup of brew.

We’ve been trying to figure out a meaningful way to differentiate our fiber internet service from every other option promoted as “high speed”. You can’t sit through an hour of television without seeing an ad for high-speed internet service, and our inboxes and mailboxes are filled with promotions touting the virtues of the latest high-speed offering. From satellite to DSL to cable, these providers offer their version of a high-speed experience designed to bring you new levels of surfing satisfaction.

The problem is that “high speed” has become a generic term for just about any internet experience faster than dial-up. As a result, we’ve become understandably skeptical about anything promoted as high-speed, because most experiences just don’t live up to our own needs and expectations. We’ve got a collective case of high-speed fatigue.

Fiber internet sets a new standard for high-speed, and we want to awaken folks from the fatigue to understand and experience the difference. Imagine trying to satiate a dire thirst by drinking water out of a beverage straw. You can’t get much power out of that thin barrel and are left parched. That’s dial-up. A satellite, DSL or cable experience is more like the larger straw served with your favorite soft drink. The flow is stronger and more steady, but just as satisfaction sets in, the straw develops a kink or a small chunk of ice gets lodged, and your flow is compromised. Or maybe you’ve reached the bottom of your drink and need to pay extra for an additional serving to satisfy your thirst.

Fiber internet is like a huge fire hose. It’s a consistent, robust flow of information and data that can’t be compromised. It doesn’t matter how many others are consuming from the same hose; the flow is fast, unwavering and unlimited. It’s the ultimate satisfaction for your thirst.

Your electric cooperative is stepping up where others won’t to serve the rural space, and delivering an experience that others can’t. It’s not high speed; it’s fiber speed!