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They say good things come in threes, and the changes happening at Midwest are proof of just that.

A new building, a new name and a new logo.

Last year we began planning and building for the future as we realized we could no longer function safely or efficiently at our existing headquarters. We broke ground in May 2016, and officially opened for business at 60590 Decatur Road in Cassopolis on August 28, 2017. Building new allowed us to design a space with operational and functional efficiencies, while incorporating some exciting, new energy and technology advancements. In fact, our lobby includes a smart home feature that demonstrates the many automation solutions that make your home more efficient, safe, fun, and easy to use. We invite you to stop by any Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. for a visit.

The second good thing is our new name: Midwest Energy & Communications. As we built, we realized that much of the need for more space is prompted by the growth on the communications side of our business. We are now 5000 internet subscribers strong, and adding about 250 each month. Our fiber deployment, combined with the many opportunities for smart grid applications, are huge growth drivers for us. While we’re firmly rooted in electric distribution and have a thriving long-term propane business, energy is only part of our story as we are now a full-service energy and communications company. We’re simply expanding on the Midwest name you’ve come to know and trust.

With the new name comes a new, modern logo. The green represents our rural roots, optimism and energy, while the gray adds a modern and contemporary feel. It’s a perfect combination of our past, present and future. Most importantly, the name and logo together clearly identify us as one team here to provide first-in-class innovations and solutions to our members and customers.

MEC is not a new company; we’re the same member-owned cooperative we’ve always been, with the same local people and the same commitment to reliability and outstanding service. Nothing changes in your experience or how you do business with us. We’re just operating now with one voice and name as we live out our message that geography does not have to define a person’s scope of opportunity, and small-town life doesn’t mean giving up on better living.

Together, friends, our future is bright.