There’s an economic developer inside every successful electric utility leader.  We’re constantly on the look-out for meaningful growth opportunities because quality electric load benefits the utility. More importantly, as a member-owned cooperative, quality load ultimately benefits our owners.

So when others see an empty parcel of land, the economic developer in me often sees a strategic opportunity.

One such parcel has had my attention for 14 years now as I commute from my Three Rivers home to our Cassopolis headquarters.  As I round a curve coming into Cass, the northwest corner of M-60 and Decatur Road comes into full, glorious view. It’s flat, has access to Class-A roads and existing sewer and water, and is zoned for light industrial use. It’s an economic developer’s dream!

That property was owned and developed by another great economic developer, Ed Lowe. He was a passionate advocate for the role of entrepreneurship in the U.S. economy, and he founded the Edward Lowe Foundation to support businesses with similar entrepreneurial spirit and vision.

I have to believe Mr. Lowe had a vision for development of that parcel of land adjacent to M-60. And with great respect to the amazing legacy that he left, I hope he would be proud of what is transpiring.

Team Midwest is breaking ground this spring on a new headquarters facility at that northwest corner of M-60 and Decatur Road. Mr. Lowe did some foundational work to prepare a perfect property for us to build your #UtilityoftheFuture. We are developing about 40 acres to house all of the functions and facilities from our current Cassopolis locations, and provide space for much-needed growth as we continue living out our vision. By the time we move in the fall of 2017, we will have more than 100 employees reporting to the Cass facility, with upwards of 30 more coming over the next few years.

This location keeps us very central to our pockets of membership in the southern portion of our southwest Michigan territory. The Paw Paw office will remain open to serve those further north.

Our new build also sets the stage for other development and growth along that corridor. Good development breeds additional economic development, and we hope that our innovative presence at that intersection will draw additional interest and jobs to the area.

We’re changing the landscape, investing in our membership, and building the utility of the future. Learn more about our vision, our growth and this building project at our Utility of the Future website.