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Environmental stewardship and sustainability were once little more than buzzwords used by companies looking for some good public relations. Today, they’re driving corporate strategy, and renewable energy is one of the tactics.

We’re walking the talk. Our power supply partner, Wolverine Power Cooperative, is Michigan’s renewable energy leader with nearly 20 percent renewable generation in the fuel mix. Although wind generation is the primary source, solar complemented the mix in 2016 when they commissioned SpartanSolar-Wolverine, a community solar array in Cadillac.

We have met and exceeded both present and anticipated state renewable portfolio requirements, and are about to get even greener when community solar comes to Cassopolis.

Through our partnership with Spartan Renewable Energy, we recently broke ground on SpartanSolar-MEC at our property on the corner of M60 and Decatur Road. With 2,484 panels at 350 watts per panel, the array is expected to power nearly 150 rural Michigan homes annually while adding even more renewable energy into our state-leading mix.

Community solar gives our electric consumers an opportunity to participate in renewable energy, and reduce their own carbon footprint, without the huge investment and ongoing maintenance of a residential installation. It’s not intended to be a money-maker, but rather a meaningful and easy way for interested subscribers to make a difference while earning a small monthly credit on their bill.

Panel subscriptions are available to MEC electric consumers for a one-time payment of $600, or $10 per month for five years. The monthly bill credit is $.10/kWh based on your panel subscription’s share of the actual solar power generated that month. A single panel subscription is expected to produce about $40 in credits annually.

SpartanSolar-MEC is scheduled to go online in December, and we are now accepting pre-registrations. Through the end of December, subscribers choosing the one-time payment option can take advantage of a $150 rebate, and we’ll even file your rebate paperwork.  Subscribe today at SpartanSolar.com or call 800.492.5989.