Our chief responsibility as an electric cooperative is to provide reliable and safe power, and trees are a major hazard to our infrastructure. As a result, we proactively remove trees and brush within our rights-of-way, which is a 15-foot strip of land on either side of our high-voltage and primary power lines. Doing so reduces the length and number outages and helps our linemen more efficiently identify and repair damage when needed.

We understand the value of trees, but unfortunately power lines and trees do not mix. If the trees on your property end up tangled in our lines, it could result in an outage for many customers. Therefore, we remove the hazard wherever possible.

You can learn more about the importance of tree trimming and vegetation management from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Here are the areas where we plan to clear our rights-of-way in 2022:

Michigan: Penn, Newberg, Fabius, Calvin, North Porter, Constantine, Volinia, Marcellus, Flowerfield, Decatur, Van Buren, Porter, Prairie Ronde, Pipestone, Silver Creek, Keeler, Wayne, Decatur, Volinia, Lagrange.

Ohio: Gorham, Mill Creek, Franklin, Brady

We also employ a long-term spraying strategy to manage continued regrowth. It effectively controls tall-growing trees and bushes while promoting low-growing plants that are beneficial to wildlife. We will spray in the following townships:

Michigan: Almena, Antwerp, Brady, Calvin, Constantine, Decatur, Fabius, Florence, Flowerfield, Howard, Jefferson, Lagrange, Leonidas, Lockport, Marcellus, Mason, Mendon, Milton, Mottville, Ontwa, Oshtemo, Oslo, Park, Penn, Portage, Porter, Prairie Ronde, Schoolcraft, Texas, Van Buren, Volinia, Wakeshma, Washington, Wayne, White Pigeon, York

Indiana: Harris 

Ohio: Brady, Franklin German, Gorham, Mill Creek

We will Notify You of Work Scheduled

We mail notices to affected customers a few weeks prior to starting tree work or spray.  We also place automated phone calls and as the tree crew surveys a specific area, we will attempt to leave a door tag.

If you have any questions, please call 800.492.5989, Mon. through Fri. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Planning to Plant Some Trees?

Make sure you plant them in the right place. This guide will show you where you should plant