Having power at the flip of a switch involves a complex system of generation, transmission and distribution – all of which is reflected in your monthly bill. Here’s a simple breakdown of the partners and the process:

Generation: We are in a long-term power supply agreement with Wolverine Power Cooperative, a member-owned generation and transmission cooperative based in Cadillac. Wolverine supplies wholesale electric power to its seven members.

Transmission: Once generated, power is delivered over national and regional transmission systems to cooperative-owned substations. Transmission systems are comprised of poles, wires and other equipment that are vulnerable to environmental elements and failure due to age, technical or mechanical issues. Transmission outages tend to be larger and more widespread than distribution system outages, and when outages occur, the transmission provider must restore service.

Distribution: This is where we come in! Transmission providers deliver power to our 32 substations, where we “step down” the power to deliver over our distribution system to our members. The distribution system is also vulnerable to a number of things that can result in power outages. Our own local crews handle outages on our distribution system.