Managing energy consumption often means changing behaviors, and that is never easy! With MEC’s OWN IT Prepaid Metering Program, you can pay for your electric service in advance and avoid one large payment based on the energy you have already used.

OWN IT Prepaid Metering puts the power in your hands and allows you to manage your budget by choosing when, how and what you pay each month for electricity. For many, it’s easier to make four $25 weekly payments than it is to make one $100 monthly payment. That’s the beauty of this program: you simply fund your account and your consumption is billed and deducted daily, based on a breakdown of current rates and fees, plus a $3 monthly program fee. Your service is remotely disconnected if the account balance is depleted and reconnected when a payment is received. No more deposits, late charges or collection/reconnection fees!

For more information or to sign up for the program, please contact us at 800-492-5989.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no fees to convert an existing account to OWN IT. If you have an existing balance, it must either be paid in full prior to creating your prepaid account, or converted into a payment agreement and paid over time through your prepaid account. If you choose to pay it over time, a percentage of each payment made will be applied to the agreement until it is paid in full.
If you run out of gas in your car, it stops. OWN IT Prepaid Metering is similar. If your OWN IT account runs out of funds, the electricity will be disconnected. We will contact you to alert you to a low balance using your preferred method of contact. If you get disconnected, simply make a sufficient payment and your electric service will be restored.
OWN IT Prepaid Metering Program does not provide a lower rate, but it does encourage participants to learn to monitor their energy use. Understanding how you use energy is ultimately the first step to better manage your use. We also offer several tools to help monitor your energy consumption.
Purchasing electricity is quick and easy through the OWN IT program, even on holidays and weekends! Payments may be made using cash, check or debit/credit cards. A $25 minimum payment is required on initial set up. After that, you can purchase electricity as needed and in the amount you choose using any of the following methods:

OWN IT Prepaid Metering is designed for the member who wants or needs more control over managing their electricity expenses. It puts the power in your hands by allowing you to choose when, how and what you pay each month for electricity. It requires no deposits, late fees, trip charges or reconnect fees. You simply fund your account and your consumption is billed and deducted daily.
Your account balance can be checked anytime online through the online account access at our website, or through our automated telephone system at 800-492-5989. You will be notified by phone and email when your account has three days of service remaining, based on historical use. You can also request notification based on a specified account balance.

OWN IT participants are strongly encouraged to register for online account access. This opens up the world of information available through our Billing & Usage Analysis tool, which provides a variety of tools to monitor and manage energy use, including monthly, daily and even hourly energy usage reports.

Prior to enrollment, you will be invited to meet with a Midwest Energy Cooperative Customer Care Representative who will review the OWN IT Prepaid Metering terms and conditions and program agreement.

Your meter is read everyday at midnight. The reading tells us how much electricity you used in the previous 24 hours and your bill is calculated accordingly. The bill includes electricity used for that day, as well as a day’s worth of the Cooperative service charge, the OWN IT program fee and any other credits or charges on your account.