Fiber internet fever is spreading across southwest Michigan as Midwest Connections continues building its communications infrastructure.

Come test drive fiber-speed internet at one of our fiber open houses. Staff will be available to answer questions, and technology stations will be available for interested individuals to test the service experience and determine if it’s right for you.

Anyone who signs up for new service during an open house will receive a credit of $49.95 on their first bill – one free month of basic residential service. Attendees that RSVP and sign up for service will be put into a drawing for a special prize!

For more information, please contact Jenna Zache at 269-445-1071 or email

Tuesday, May 16
Cass County Council on Aging
60525 Decatur Rd, Cassopolis

Tuesday, August 22
Lewis Cass ISD
61682 Dailey Rd, Cassopolis

Thursday, June 8
Hamilton Township Hall
52333 CR 352, Decatur

Tuesday, September 19
Volinia Baptist Church
19526 Marcellus Hwy

Wednesday, July 12
Community Baptist Church
28647 US-12, Edwardsburg

Tuesday, October 24
Midwest Energy Cooperative
60590 Decatur Rd, Cassopolis