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We want you to have the very best experience possible with your fiber internet, but did you know your WiFi can be affected by things other than your internet speed? Read on to learn about the top four things you can do to get the best WiFi signal.

  1. Use the latest and best hardware. Not all wireless routers are created equal. Older routers are not equipped to handle today’s speeds, and even some new routers don t have the capacity to deliver high speeds wirelessly. If you’re not sure what wireless router to use, just ask us!
  2. Put your router in the right place. The location of your router is the next most important part of having a great WiFi signal. Putting your router inside a cabinet, behind a wall, or next to something metal can weaken the signal. Routers are most effective when they are out in the open. And if you have the choice, put your router higher rather than lower, like on a top shelf or on your second floor.
  3. Beware of appliances. Certain home appliances, particularly things like microwave ovens or wireless phones, can have adverse affects on your WiFi signal. Placing your router farther from these appliances is a good idea.
  4. Password protect your WiFi signal. Having a WiFi signal with no password protection is an invitation for neighbors to use your internet. And although your neighbors are lovely people, if they use your WiFi signal it will be weaker for you. Put a password on your WiFi signal, and make it a strong one. Not sure how to choose a strong password? Here s a fun infographic that gives you some tips.

We are committed to bringing you the best internet service possible, and we want your WiFi signal to be just as good. Follow these steps, and your WiFi will be flying high like it should be!