Olympic gold is at stake as world-class athletes take the stage in Rio for the 2016 summer games.

In the world of high-speed internet, nothing takes the gold like fiber, and Midwest Connections continues to redefine “high-speed” with Olympic-sized speeds and experience.

Every week our inboxes and mailboxes are filled with promotions on the latest high-speed offerings. From satellite to DSL to cable, providers promote a high-speed experience designed to bring you new levels of surfing satisfaction.

The problem is that “high speed” has become a generic term for just about any internet experience faster than dial-up.

Fiber internet is changing the high-speed game. Our speeds are guaranteed on your hard-wired device, meaning if you sign up for 25 Mbps and have the right equipment to support those speeds, you’ll actually enjoy a 25 Mbps experience. Your Olympic-sized experience can go all the way up to Gig service if that’s the speed you need!

Packages start at just $49.95/month and offer unlimited data.

In 2014, Midwest Energy Cooperative implemented a plan to build a fiber-based communications system across our electric grid, providing for great utility and member benefit into the future. We are leveraging that investment and fully deploying this service to co-op members across southwest Michigan over a five-year period (2015-19), and more than 2000 homes and businesses are now enjoying their fiber-speed experience.

Ready to experience fiber-speed internet? Learn more at TeamFiber.com or Join the Crowd to submit your expression of interest and see where you are in the five-year build.