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Our southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio members continue to ask, “When are you bringing fiber internet our way?” It’s a great question, and we’re asking you now to take action and help us shape our plans.

We’re now in year four of our five-year planned southwest Michigan deployment, and beginning to put pen to paper to consider our next steps. We opened up expressions of interest in your part of the service area early last year. We’re now issuing another push to encourage you to visit our crowd website so that we can present a plan to the board of directors later this year.

We have no official timeline to announce at this point, but need a solid understanding of the overall interest to create a financial plan. Just like in southwest Michigan, construction plans will be based on member demand, shown through your expressions of interest.

You can learn more about the service on the Internet page of our website. We now have over 6000 subscribers in southwest Michigan. This service is changing the nature of the rural experience, creating new relevance and sustainability, and allowing residents to enjoy the same amenities as their urban counterparts.

Please take action at your earliest convenience. Again, simply visit our crowd website, enter your street address, zip code and market (residential or business), click search and we’ll walk you through a few simple questions to gather the information we need to get started. This doesn’t obligate you, but will help us develop a well-thought-out plan.

We’re honored to be your energy provider, and thrilled that we can bring another value to our membership.