April 2019 Fiber Internet Construction Update

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2019 in Internet

Welcome to Q2 2019. That brings all of you in our 2019 construction one quarter closer to living the dream of fiber internet. Here is the update on our 2019 construction:

  • Hartford/Covert: Drop construction is now underway, and drop splicing begins this quarter. Better yet? Home installs also begin this quarter.
  • Texas: Most of the main line construction and splicing is now complete, and drop work is underway. We're still on track to begin home installs in Q2.
  • Paw Paw: We're off and running with main line construction, and have started splicing on some circuits. Drop construction and splicing should begin during Q3, and home installs will follow.
  • Constantine/White Pigeon: Walkout work is complete, and main line construction will begin in Q3. We'll have you up and running with home installs before the end of the year.

If you are in a current construction area and looking for an update, please feel free to email us at info@teammidwest.com and we'll see what information we can provide.

Southeast Michigan/Northern Ohio
Our behind-the-scenes mapping and construction management continue as we prepare to launch your 18-month build in 2020. We should have more specific details on the construction plan and timeline in Q3.

Expansion Areas
In February we sent a letter inviting individuals across southwest Michigan to submit an expression of interest in service to help us determine our next steps for expansion beyond our electric service territory, and several thousand responded. We are currently reviewing the overall response to determine the areas that we will approach in 2019 with a construction offer. The offer will be unique for each area based on our capital costs of extending the service, and we will require a minimum take rate before we proceed with construction. Our goal is to extend the first of the construction offers by the end of the June.


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