View Detailed Network Security Info

  • Tap “My Network” on the main dashboard.

Main Dashboard

  • Select “Security.” You will be taken to the ProtectIQ dashboard.


  • The top graph shows how many viruses, intrusions, and threats ProtectIQ has detected in a given time frame.
  • Under “Options,” tap “Trusted List” to show all the sites you’ve told ProtectIQ not to block.
  • To stop ProtectIQ from scanning certain devices for security threats, select “Skipped devices.” Choose the devices you want skipped, or tap “Skip All” if you don’t want any device scanned by ProtectIQ.
    • Please keep in mind, skipping devices might allow known threats into your network that might otherwise have been blocked.

Skipping devices

  • For additional security settings, tap “Intrusion Settings.” Mark “IPS Protocol Anomaly” or “IPS Port-Scan-Defense” to turn these features on. Tap “Save” to save your settings.

Intrusion Settings

Note: While ProtectIQ protects your network at the system level, we recommend keeping your device-level protection in place to keep your network as secure as possible.