Installing the GigaSpire

These instructions are for current MEC customers upgrading their internet service to a GigaSpire U6 or U12. Watch the video or scroll down for written instructions. 

  1. Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable to port 4 for the LAN ports found on the back of the internet access device and the other to the WAN port on the back of your GigaSpire. 
    Back of internet access device
  2. Plug your GigaSpire into an outlet. 
  3. Wait approximately 15 minutes for the system to boot. A light will appear on the GigaSpire once the process is complete:
    • Blue light: your system booted successfully, and you are connected to the internet.
    • Red light: the system did not boot properly. Please call us at 800.492.5989.
  4. Download the CommandIQ™ to control the MEC router and set up parental controls, a guest network and more.  When you are setting up your new Wi-Fi network, be sure to name your network a new name you have not previously used. This will ensure correct setup of the network.
  5. Once you have set up CommandIQ, please call us at 800.492.5989, so we can complete the installation process. Please let us know if you'd like to add ExperienceIQ parental controls or ProtectIQ network security.