How To Pair a u4m Mesh

U12 U6 u4m  

  1. Use the provided ethernet cable to connect the LAN port of your main Gigaspire to the single Ethernet port of the u4m mesh.
  2.  Plugin the power adapter into the u4m mesh.
  3. Wait 15 minutes for u4m mesh to update and sync.

After step 3, there should be a solid green light indicating that the unit has successfully synced. If the light is not solid green after 15 minutes, please call tech support at 800.492.5989.

Placement Options

Alternate Sync Method - WPS

  1. Plug u4m mesh into a power outlet in the same room as the main Gigaspire. Allow 5 minutes for the unit to boot up fully. It should be blinking red.

  2. On the main Gigaspire (A) – Hold the WPS button for a couple of seconds until the Gigaspire begins to blink green.

  3. Within 30 Seconds, hold the WPS on the u4m mesh (B) until the LED begins to blink green.

  4. When both units are blinking green at the same time, leave them alone for 15 minutes to allow the u4m mesh to Sync and Update.

  5. After 15 minutes – when the u4m mesh has a solid green light, you can unplug the power cable and relocate it 1 or 2 rooms away. Allow 5 minutes for the unit to fully boot.


  1. Where Is The Best Location To Place the u4m Mesh When Using the Wireless Backhaul?
    a. WiFi degrades as it goes through things: walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances, etc. The u4m mesh should be placed no more than 2 interior walls away from the main Gigaspire. In order for the u4m mesh to work well, it needs to have a good connection back to the main Gigaspire.
  2. Will The u4m Mesh Extend The Wifi Signal To A Detached Building Such As A Garage Or Barn?
    a. Maybe! The u4m mesh is designed to help cover a home with WiFi. If you’re using the Wireless Backhaul, the signal strength may degrade too much for a good connection back to the main Gigaspire by the time it goes through the exterior wall of the home and then the exterior wall of the other building.
    b. The best connection would be to run an Ethernet cable from the main Gigaspire in the house to the detached building and use the u4m mesh as a hardwired unit. You may need a contractor to help you achieve this.
  3. Can Multiple u4m Mesh Units Be Used To Cover A Home With Strong Wifi?
    a. Yes! Each u4m mesh must be connected back to the main Gigaspire, but you can put one above, below, to the left, to the right, or anywhere you can run an Ethernet cable.