Prepare for Family Time With CommandIQ

Decorations up? Check. Presents purchased? Check. Guest network created? Hmm…

There’s a lot to do in these last months of the year, but don’t let your Wi-Fi network get lost in the holiday shuffle. Here are the top things your free CommandIQ app can do to make sure nothing gets in the way of your Christmas cheer.

add network#1: Create a Guest Network

You never know what’s hiding on other people’s devices – even your family’s.

If someone joins your Wi-Fi network with a virus on their device, that virus can use your Wi-Fi to infect every other connected device. A guest network can keep threats like this at bay by limiting your guests’ contact with your main Wi-Fi network.

Once you create your guest network, CommandIQ will give you the option to share the network name and password with your guests via text or email. You can even schedule a date and time for the network to create and delete itself.

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#2: Conduct a Bandwidth Testbandwidth test

You’ll want to make sure your Wi-Fi network is fast enough for everyone to use at once.

Bandwidth tests aren’t hard to find online, but the nice thing about using CommandIQ’s built-in testing feature is that it doesn’t just test your network speed. It also tells you how much bandwidth each device connected to your network is using. Knowing these numbers can help you manage your network more effectively.

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time limits#3: Set Time Limits and Content Blocks

Of course, you don’t want your guests online the whole time. Thankfully, there’s no need to make everyone put their devices in a bucket before dinner. CommandIQ lets you schedule internet “blackouts” for specific users, or limit them to a certain amount of time online.

If the challenge is staying off certain apps or websites, there’s a solution for that too. With content filters, you can block or limit access to TikTok, Instagram, and more, or block certain types of content like online shopping or games.

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Bonus: Let ProtectIQ Do Its Thingprotectiq

If you use CommandIQ, you’re already using one of its best features. ProtectIQ automatically detects and blocks threats and intrusions seeking to harm your network, and it sends you an alert every time it finds a new threat.

ProtectIQ is enabled from the moment you set up your network.

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Make Sure You Have the Right Router

To use the free CommandIQ app, you need to have a GigaSpire router. We'll give you one for free.

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