Update Wi-Fi Network Name and Password

Connect your router and computer via an Ethernet cable to perform these steps. Refer to our "Which Router Do I Have?" article if you aren't sure which MEC router you are using. 


  1. From an internet browser, go to the IP address that is indicated on the Default Settings sticker on the side the router. 
    MEC Router name and password sticker
  2. Enter the username/password that’s also on the sticker.
  3. Click on the round wireless icon 
    Network gateway wireless icon
  4. Click on the network you want to change (2.4G or 5.0G).
  5. Click SSID Setup and type a new name in the Rename SSID field.
    SSID Setup
  6. Click Apply.

GigaSpire U6 and U12

You can also update the network name and password via the MEC Smart-Fi app

  1. From your internet browser, type in the IP address that is indicated on the sticker on the bottom of your GigaSpire.
    GigaSpire sticker
  2. Enter the username and password that is also on the sticker.
  3. Navigate to Wi-Fi>Wi-Fi Primary and update the SSID (network name) and password. 
    GigaSpire Network Name and Password Screen
  4. Click Apply