Who's Sharing My Streaming Account?

Have you ever checked your streaming services to see which devices are using your account? You might be surprised by what you find. Here's how PC Magazine says you can kick unauthorized users. Note that these instructions are for the desktop version of each site and do not apply on a mobile or smart TV app.


Hover over your profile icon, then choose Account > Security & Privacy > Manage Access and Devices. From here you can choose to remotely sign out on any unfamiliar devices, or click Sign Out of All Devices to start fresh. You will need your password to log in again.


Hover over your profile icon and go to Account > Manage Devices. Similar to Netflix, you'll see a list of devices that are logged into your account and you can choose to sign them out remotely.

Disney Plus

Hover over your profile icon and click Account. Unlike some other services, you can't see which devices are using your account, but you can click Log Out of All Devices to sign out of every device at once.

Amazon Prime

Go to amazon.com/primevideo and click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then go to Settings > Your Devices. Just like Netflix and Hulu, you can see which devices are registered to your account and click Deregister to kick off any that are unfamiliar.


This list doesn't cover every streaming service, but the idea is the same: navigate to your account settings, then look for an option like Manage Devices or Registered Devices. If you can't find what you're looking for, a quick Google search may help.

Keep Your Passwords Updated

If you find unfamiliar devices on your accounts, it's a good idea to update your passwords.