MEC Smart-Fi

Manage the people and devices that connect to your internet network with the MEC Smart-Fi mobile app.

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Standard Features

These free features are available on the GigaSpire U6 and U12 routers and will be available on the 844GigaCenters in the fall of 2020. Not sure which router you have? Click here

Enhanced Parental Controls

Protect your kids from inappropriate content online, manage screen time, and more with ExperienceIQ™.


Main Parental Control Screen

Create User Profiles

Set up user profiles for your family and assign specific devices to each profile. This will enable you to control all the devices connected to that user. 

Filter Content Screen

Filter Content

Block inappropriate content by type or activity such as online gaming. Enable safe searching on Google and Bing and restrict YouTube. 

Block Applications

Block Applications

Prevent your kids from accessing certain apps on all of their devices. You can block specific apps entirely or allow access for a certain amount of time. 

Filter Websites

Block Websites

Turn on and off access to specific websites by entering their URLs.

Set Time Limits

Manage Screen Time

Schedule times that your children can access the internet each day of the week. 

Smart-Fi User Usage

View Usage

See how long specific users spent on certain websites and applications.  

Notifications Screen

Get Notifications

Find out what has been blocked or allowed on devices. 

Smart-Fi Network SecurityAdvanced Network Security

You have locks on every door and window; you need them on your network too. 

As hackers and malware become increasingly more sophisticated, your network requires an equally innovative solution. Add ProtectIQ™ to your app and protect your router from malicious activity and get alerted to security issues.


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