Lyndon Outage Update

We sent this email to all Lyndon Township customers on Aug. 19, 2022 regarding recent fiber internet outages. If you didn't receive it or weren't able to view it, you can find the full text below.

Lyndon Customers,

On Thursday, Aug. 11, a contractor working for another company was removing old fiber lines and accidentally cut our active lines. This unfortunately caused an internet outage for our customers and those of other providers. The outage, like multiple other recent fiber outages, was out of MEC’s control due to the way the equipment is set up.

While MEC provides fiber internet to Lyndon Township, we use the township’s existing equipment, which currently has a single point of connection serving everybody. When this connection is disrupted, all our customers are affected.

The Broadband Oversight Committee met Wednesday, Aug. 17 to discuss connectivity. Significant progress has already been made by the township, which has built its own fiber lines from the township to downtown Chelsea to reduce the chances of outages. Additionally, the township has asked MEC to build a backup connection that will drastically reduce the risk of township-wide outages like the one on Aug. 11. In the event of a disruption, customers will switch over to the second connection as long as it’s available. You won’t notice a disruption in your internet in the event this transfer happens.

We’re currently filing paperwork with the City of Chelsea to begin this construction process, as they own the infrastructure we need to use. Once construction starts, we expect it to take about two months. Our start date will depend on how quickly the project gets approved.

We have requested compensation from the provider responsible for the equipment with the outages. If granted, we will give you a bill credit.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your internet connection.