We’ve partnered with ViewLocal to bring you local TV as part of our fiber internet service. Traditional cable and satellite TV services often provide a wide variety of channel lineups from local channels to subject-specific topics like animals. However, most of us end up watching only a few of those channels while paying for a full lineup.

We can help you cut the cord from old-school, inflexible TV providers. We can also guide you through selecting  additional streaming options – such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime – so you can create a truly custom viewing experience.

Current ViewLocal subscribers log in to view local channels through your web browser.

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  • MEC internet subscription required.
  • Streaming equipment not included.  

ViewLocal is delivered over the internet and lets you watch local channels without the high cost of cable TV or spotty reception of over-the-air signals.

The ViewLocal app is available on multiple devices simultaneously including TVs (via Roku), mobile devices (iOS and Android) and computers.

This service can be combined with your internet and/or phone on one bill for added convenience. Specific local channels depend on where you live. Please give us a call at 800.492.5989 for more details.


If you are a current MEC internet subscriber, you can add on ViewLocal through SmartHub or by calling 800.492.5989. New to MEC internet? You can include ViewLocal as an add-on when you sign up for our internet service.