Tech Talk: Study Smarter With Online Resources

Published on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 in Internet

Girl using computer online resources for studying

Today's students have access to a vast universe of valuable online resources to support their education and assist with their studies. Here are just a few excellent sites to help your student study smarter:

  1. GoConqr. Many of us remember the tedious process of using pencil and paper to create flashcards, make class presentations, and organize notes. GoConqr is a one-stop resource with useful tools allowing students to create, discover and share relevant content. It also includes a resource library compiled by millions of users. It can be used for free, or you can upgrade to the premium version for only $33 per year.
  2. Grammarly. If writing doesn't come naturally, Grammarly is your student's new best friend. Add it directly into a web browser (for free) and receive suggestions and corrections as you type. The premium version, at $139.95 per year, offers other handy tools, like a plagiarism checker to make sure students aren't “borrowing” content. A great investment for the writing-challenged student!
  3. Schooltraq. If your student struggles with organization skills, check out Schooltraq. Schooltraq lets students add their assignments and sort them by due date, course, or title. The list even transfers easily from a computer to a phone, so students can have their assignment list with them no matter where they go. Schooltraq is a free resource, though you can become a “patron” for $2.49 per month to access extra features.

These tools are just the tip of the iceberg. Sites like Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia), Gutenberg (for public domain books), Hippocampus (a collection of understandable academic presentations great for people who learn visually), and many others are available at your fingertips. Study smarter, not harder, by tapping into the wonderful world of online resources.