Published on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 in Internet

Father and daughter looking at a computer

Have you noticed Wi-Fi slow spots in your home? Many things can adversely affect Wi-Fi. Here are some tips to help you maximize your service:

  • Get your furniture out of the way: Large pieces of furniture can act as a barrier to Wi-Fi. When it’s practical and possible, place large furniture along the exterior walls of your home so they don’t block the signal.
  • Reflect on mirror placement: Mirrors reflect the Wi-Fi signal from your router, ultimately decreasing the signal’s strength. We suggest limiting the use of mirrors where possible. Trust us, you already look great!
  • Location, location, location: Wi-Fi routers need room to breathe. They should not be hidden behind speakers or other electronics that can cause interference. Microwave ovens, in particular, can negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal.
  • Keep your network secure: Make sure your network is secure so no one else can use your service. If you need help setting up a secure network, please give us a call.
  • Get the right equipment: Older Wi-Fi routers won’t allow you to maximize your fiber-speed experience, so make sure your router itself isn’t slowing you down. Our GigaCenter router, available for just $5/month for Basic/Advanced subscribers and free for Ultra/Gig subscribers, will ensure that you always have optimal service. And if you live in a large house or on a large property, it’s worth investing in a Wi-Fi extender like our mesh satellite, which is designed to work exclusively with our GigaCenter router.

Follow these tips to enjoy the best possible experience on your Wi-Fi connection, and if you ever need help, feel free to call us at 800.492.5989. We want to make sure your experience is the best possible.