Are you ready to help launch your zone into active status? One person with a passion to realize the benefits of fiber internet and a willingness to spread the word can quickly build up interest and bring their zone closer to construction. Remember how this works: when we’re ready to move a new zone into construction, we’ll choose the one with the greatest percentage of interest based on expressions of interest in The Crowd.

A Zone Champion is someone willing to raise awareness and promote sign ups within their area. It can be as simple as knocking on doors and helping people sign up, or as detailed as orchestrating your own mailing. We’ve seen all kinds of efforts work to move zones from Pre-Registration to Active status. It’s a grassroots movement to raise awareness and move people to action, and the only limit is your own imagination!

Ready to get started as a Zone Champion? We’ll help with a few resources, including some sales flyers, business cards, and pens. Just contact MEC and ask for a Zone Champion packet, and we’ll get something in the mail.

You can be THAT person to make a difference in your zone. Become a Zone Champion today!