Unlimited data. No throttling. Symmetrical download/upload speeds. 24/7 tech support.


In 2017, Lyndon Township voters approved a property tax increase to fund the construction of a broadband internet network. Click here to access the latest construction update.



Managed Wi-Fi*
This service includes a high-tech router, plus unlimited 24/7 remote support.

Seasonal Rate: $15/mo.
We offer off-season pricing for up to six months each year for seasonal residents. Off-season service includes 2 Mbps (upload/download) speed. If you have phone service, you keep your phone number and can dial 911.

Bundle and Save
Receive a $10/mo. discount when you bundle phone and internet.

Lifeline Rate Program
This government-assistance program subsidized through the Universal Service Fund provides discounted telephone or internet service for low-income consumers. Learn more.

Bundle and Save
Receive a $10/mo. discount when you bundle phone and internet.

Lifeline Rate Program
This government-assistance program subsidized through the Universal Service Fund provides discounted telephone or internet service for low-income consumers. Learn more.


Who is MEC?
We are an electric cooperative based in Cassopolis, MI with roots dating back to 1937. We brought electricity to the rural space when the incumbent utilities would not, and are reliving that story by bringing high-speed fiber internet into our rural service territory. The Lyndon Township Broadband Implementation Committee selected MEC to be the internet service provider for the township’s fiber optic network based on our response to their public request for information.
Who is eligible for service?
On August 8, 2017, Lyndon Township residents approved a bond proposal to fund construction of a community-owned fiber optic broadband network that will serve every home and business in Lyndon Township. The service is available only to residents and businesses within the township.
When will service be available?
Lyndon Township is overseeing the full construction process, and expects mainline construction to begin in November, contingent upon various permitting processes. Construction will begin in the southeast corner of the township and is currently planned to move counter-clockwise. Township officials expect mainline construction to be complete by Q4 of 2019.
What are the steps involved with building the system?
There are many steps to building the infrastructure, including mainline construction and splicing, mapping for service drop installation, service drop installations and splicing, and home installation.
Will there be communication during the construction phase?
MEC will email monthly construction updates to everyone who has signed up for internet.
What will be installed at my home?
A box will be installed on the outside of your home, typically near your electric meter. This is where the service drop terminates and the optical signals are brought into your home.
What should I expect during the in-home installation?
Your installer will bring the fiber from the outside box to the inside of your home. We will work with you to determine the best routing and placement for the indoor equipment based on your home configuration and personal preferences, and test the service to ensure everything works. We also will help you create your online SmartHub account. This is where you can view and pay your bills, receive notifications, and change your package or add a new service.
Is there an installation fee?
Installation fees are waived for anyone signing up before April 30, 2019. After that, the installation fee is $300 to bring service from the main line to your residence. This covers up to 300 feet of line; anything additional is $1 per foot.
Is there a contract?
Yes, a 12-month service contract is required.
Can I change my internet package?
You can change your speed package at any time without additional charges.
Can I keep my existing phone number?
Yes, with a signed Letter of Authorization.
Can I add telephone service after I have signed up?
Yes. You can add telephone at any time.
Do you offer email addresses?
No. You can choose any email service that you’d like.
Can I use my own router?
Yes or you can enroll in managed Wi-Fi for $5/mo for the Basic and Ultra subscribers. Managed Wi-Fi is included at no cost for Gig subscribers.
Is technical support available?
Yes. We offer 24/7/365 support.
When will I be billed?
We will issue your first bill once home installation is complete and service is activated?
How will I be billed?
You will receive an email notifying you of your bill. No paper bill will be sent.
How do I remit payment?
The easiest way to pay your bill is through SmartHub, our secure online and mobile platform. You may also sign up for autopay, or pay over the phone or by mail.
Are there taxes included for the monthly service?
Required state and federal taxes are assessed on telephone service, Universal Service Fund, and 911. There is no tax on the internet service.