January 2019

Over the last month, work crews with mini excavators and directional boring equipment have been hard at work as fiber internet construction continues. You’re probably seeing a lot of Miss Dig and proposed route flags and right-of-way markers going up. All great indicators that your fiber internet service is on the way.

Construction of the mainline from Chelsea to the township line is complete and work is underway along Werkner Road and nearby areas that have permitting completed. From mid December to early January, crews staked over 4,000 foot on Boyce Drive, and bored nearly 2,000 feet on Island Lake Road and 3,469 feet on Ellsworth Lake Road.

We know you’re eager! Please continue to encourage your friends, family or neighbors within the township to sign up for service before April 30 to take advantage of the free installation.

December 2018

After a lot of hard work evaluating and awarding bids, and working with many state and local agencies for permits, Lyndon Township began construction for the high-speed fiber internet project. In fact, folks on Stoney Ridge Road and Greystone Drive are already seeing crews install conduit for the fiber. Those crews soon will move to Wildflower Ridge, Bens Drive, and Coopersfield Road.

Mother Nature is really in control as we move forward. With a mild winter, construction can continue uninterrupted, and we can begin home installations in the southeast part of the township by spring. Keeping to that schedule, we’ll have all interested subscribers hooked up by the end of 2019.

It’s hard to be patient when you’ve waited so long for a high-speed solution, but the process is now underway, and we promise it will be worth the wait. If you have friends, family or neighbors within the township who have not yet signed up, please encourage them to do here before April 30 to take advantage of the free installation.

If you have specific questions about construction, please email