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As far as Midwest Energy Cooperative is concerned, there should be “No Barriers” to veterans with disabilities.

CoBank, one of Midwest’s financial partners, is sponsoring up to 50 veterans with disabilities from rural America for the 2017 No Barriers Summit, and Midwest is seeking a qualified candidate from its membership to nominate. The program is open to veterans from all eras and branches, combat and non-combat, with visible and invisible injuries. Candidates must have a VA disability rating.

This program is designed to help veterans with disabilities transform their lives through a curriculum-based experience in challenging environments, including activities like mountaineering, rafting and rock climbing. Each expedition is designed to push participants mentally and physically to help them connect with fellow veterans and break through barriers in their lives. Four five-day expeditions will be held in Colorado over the summer. CoBank is underwriting all costs for participating veterans, including transportation.

If you are a veteran, or you know of a veteran in Midwest’s service territory who would like to participate in the No Barriers program, please visit TeamMidwest.com/nobarriers to learn more and complete a nomination form. The first round of nominations will be turned in to CoBank on Jan. 31.