Billing Options

Billing Options


  • Spread your propane costs out evenly with our budget program. We review your annual usage and divide that evenly over the budget year, allowing you to plan for your monthly propane cost with no surprises.
  • The 12-month budget year begins with the June billing statement, although you can enroll anytime. May is the settle-up month.
  • Monthly budget payments are calculated based on delivery history and price per gallon.
  • Budget accounts are periodically reviewed and may be recalculated during the budget season.
  • Missed or late payments may result in removal from the budget program.


  • Select the number of gallons you want to pre-buy at a reduced per gallon rate, and pay for them in advance of the heating season.
  • As the gas is delivered through the year, we deduct the volume used from your pre-buy account. No need to make payments.
  • At the end of the heating season we provide a final accounting of your usage and settle up with any variance.
  • The pre-buy promotion has ended for the 2018-2019 propane season. Please check back in spring of 2019 for updates on the next promotion.


  • Pay in full at the next billing cycle for gallons delivered.


  • Manage your propane costs with our convenient metered service. Pay for the gallons you use every month based on the meter reading, plus a $15 monthly meter fee.
  • You are responsible for submitting monthly meter readings to assure correct usage is billed. If you neglect to turn in a meter reading, we will send a serviceman to your property to get the reading and assess a trip charge.
  • If meter readings are not submitted for two or more months, we will deactivate the meter and bill you for the balance of gas in the tank.
  • Metered Service is only available to customers on our Auto Fill program, and you must use at least 400 gallons each year.