Pre-buy Propane Program

Save $.10/gallon when you purchase your LP gas in advance by July 31, 2020. For most customers, that's roughly a $65 savings for the year.

Over the year, we deduct the volume used from your account as your gas is delivered. You can easily monitor your consumption via our online account management tool and can request additional fills if necessary at the regular rate. Plus if you use our metered propane service, we will deactivate your meter and eliminate the $15/monthly fee. 

Please note: You must purchase a minimum of 500 gallons and a maximum of 1,000. 

Pre-buy Rate Regular Rate
$1.499 per gallon $1.599 per gallon

New MEC Propane Customers

Please fill out our New Customer Form and indicate that you are interested in pre-buy. 

Get Started with MEC Propane

Current MEC Propane Customers

Current customers will get an email with information and a form to participate in pre-buy. If you do not receive the email by May 1 or do not have an email address, use the button below to get started. 

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