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Delivery Options

Delivery Options


Take the hassle out of buying propane with our convenient Auto Fill Delivery option.

We track your usage by incorporating information about your home and appliances into our system, and schedule deliveries based on estimated tank levels. This program eliminates your need to call for a fill and allows us to be more efficient in scheduling and delivering gas across our service area.

We must have accurate data in our system. Changes to your home or appliances can drastically change how much or how little propane you use, so please keep us informed about anything that might impact your consumption. Examples include installing new or additional propane appliances, building a home addition, or more people living in the home for an extended period of time.

Some restrictions may apply.


We schedule one or two planned deliveries annually, depending on historical usage at your home. Our service technicians visit all Seasonal Fill customers in August to fill your tank in advance of the heating season, then return to some for a second fill in February. We will contact you by phone a week prior to your scheduled delivery.

Please monitor your tank levels between deliveries and contact us for additional gas as necessary. Please provide notice of at least three business days, or fees will be assessed.

Flexible payment options are available.


Will Call customers assume responsibility for their tank levels and deliveries. A $25 fee is assessed for all deliveries to cover our costs and ensure that customers using our automated delivery options are not subsidizing additional costs incurred with Will Call.

Please provide notice of at least three business days for delivery, or fees will be assessed.