Propane Rates

Heating Season Rates

Service Type Rate
Guaranteed Capped Rate Present through May 31, 2020 $1.699
Guaranteed Capped Rate June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021 $1.599
120-Gallon Rate through May 31, 2020 $2.399

The capped rate applies to customers with MEC-owned tanks or their own tanks.

Remote Monitoring

Designed for seasonal customers or those with an alternative heat source, pool heater, standby generator, etc.

Service Type Rate
One-time Monitor Purchase $250
Monitoring Fee $5/mo.

Standard Delivery Charges

Service Type Rate
Auto Fill N/A
Seasonal Fill N/A
Will Call (with requested notice) $25

Same Day, After Hours, & Holiday Delivery Charges

Service Type Rate
Same Day Delivery before 3 pm $200
Same Day Delivery after 3 pm $275
Holiday or Weekend $275

Disconnect / Reconnect

Service Type Rate
Disconnect $175
Reconnect scheduled within 3 business days $100
Same-day reconnect before 3 p.m. (includes out-of-gas situations) $200
Same-day  reconnect after 3 p.m. or holiday/weekend (includes out-of-gas situations) $275

Request for Delivery Under Minimum Fill 

Service Type Rate
All tank sizes $75

Misc. Charges

Service Type Rate
Relocation of Tank* $100
Permit Fees Based on township
Trenching Fees (over 25 ft) $2.50/foot
Service Call Fee $100
Labor Fee $15 per 1/4 hour

*Does not include cost for labor, line trenching or possible permits.