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Tour Our Smart Home


When we began envisioning our new headquarters in 2016, we knew wanted to create a space that was not only a leading example of energy and operational efficiency, but also one that provided tools to show you how new technologies are helping people live better. The latter vision ultimately resulted in our smart home lobby experience. This free, interactive display home demonstrates the many ways you can integrate the internet of things with your everyday appliances to live a more comfortable and convenient everyday life.

You’re invited to stop by any weekday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. for a personal tour and demonstrations on how to use a smart phone or tablet to keep you safe, make a perfect casserole, control energy usage, and more. Here are a few of the current features:

Streaming TV

Learn about the world of video streaming and how you can view local channels and streaming services through a smart TV or device such as Roku.

Nest Thermostat

Take control of your energy use with Nest. Not your typical thermostat, this device learns what temperatures you like and builds a schedule based on that. Plus, it provides reporting on energy usage, allows you to control temperatures remotely and automatically turns itself down when you are gone.

Purchase a Nest through us and receive rebates on your purchase. Plus if you have central air and/or a heat pump along with dependable Wi-Fi, you can join the Rush Hour Rewards load management program using a Nest® thermostat and receive two annual $25 account credits for allowing us to control heating and/or cooling during specific Rush Hours (i.e. times when demand for energy is high).

Home Control through Alexa

Use the power of your voice to open blinds, turn on lights, change TV channels and more. Essentially an electronic personal assistant, Alexa can help you keep your pantry well stocked, stay up-to-date on the news, get in touch with loved ones, and more. We’ll show you how.

Smart Doors, Lights and Blinds

See who is at your door, monitor security cameras remotely, control blinds and lights – all from the comfort of one smart device.

Coffee, Cooking and More

Discover how WiFi has transformed the way we work in the kitchen with WiFi-controlled crock pots and coffee makers. Smart kitchen appliances are some of the coolest aspects of modern home innovation.
As new technologies evolve, so will our smart home. We welcome anyone to stop by, MEC customer or not, because we are dedicated to creating relevant, sustainable rural communities and we want to serve as your partner for better living.