Months of site prep, planning, design and engineering culminated in a week of excitement as our two-story Utility of the Future office building took shape at the intersection of Decatur Road and M60.

From go, we’ve approached this project with our eyes on innovation and efficiency, and our use of tilt-up concrete construction is just another example. Tilt-up is a building system whereby large concrete walls are cast on the building slab or elsewhere on site, then lifted (tilted) into position.  It’s quick, efficient, cost effective, and safe, and offers cosmetic flexibility and sustainability that rivals any other construction method. And let’s talk about the impact on operating costs. The thermal mass inherent in concrete reduces the heating and cooling peaks and loads. Maintenance costs are also minimized because concrete is less subject to damage and easier to clean.

Advantages aside, it’s just a cool process that brings out the erector-set-loving little kid in me.

When it’s all said and done, our project will use over 2,200 cubic yards of concrete and 89 tons of reinforcing steel to create about 87,000 square feet of tilt-up panel. And the entire process is just eight weeks from start to finish. Now that’s quick and efficient construction!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from 60590 Decatur Road in Cassopolis – the new address for your Utility of the Future!