Products & Services

Midwest Energy Cooperatives delivers first-in-class innovations and solutions designed to add value to your membership and service experience.

Energy Optimization

Energy Optimization (EO) programs are designed to help ratepayers manage energy use through various energy efficiency programs, incentives and measures. The programs are mandated under the Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act passed by Michigan lawmakers in 2008, and only available to co-op members in Michigan service locations. Learn more at the State of Michigan website.

Midwest Energy Cooperative is part of a statewide collaborative that administers our EO programs. Learn more about the programs and services offered at the EO website.

Internet and Phone

Midwest Connections, an unregulated service of Midwest Energy Cooperative, is deploying fiber internet and telephone service across the electric service territory. We’re bringing the gold standard of broadband solutions to members who were previously unserved and underserved, and opening up great opportunities for home automation using smart grid applications. Learn more at our TeamFiber website.

Load Management

During periods of peak electric usage, load management programs allow us to reduce demand on our own system, which can ultimately reduce power supply costs. Load management programs are voluntary and provide incentives for those who choose to participate. Our programs include Interruptible Heating & Cooling, Interruptible IrrigationInterruptible Water Heating, and Interruptible Whole House. Contact our Customer Care Department to learn more or sign up for any of these programs.



Since 1998, we have provided a different kind of propane experience. No gimmicks, just gas – with a strong commitment to reliable service and outstanding customer care. Learn more at our Midwest Propane website.