Our Hiring Process

You submitted your resume... now what?

MEC employee smiling

We typically accept resumes for approximately two weeks once a job is posted.  We may not reach out to you right away. Depending on how many resumes we receive it can take another week or two. We understand it’s hard to wait.    

  1. We review all submitted resumes and select a group of candidates to begin the interview process.
  2. We want to be respectful of your time. Depending on the position and the number of candidates we select, we often do phone interviews.  This is our first chance to get to know each other, review your skills and decide if we should keep pursuing this together.
  3. You will take an online aptitude and personality assessment. Potential apprentices / linemen will also take a basic pole yard skills test along with a written test. 
  4. Now it’s time for a panel interview. You’ll meet with a small group of us for a further deep dive and discussion.
  5. If it hasn’t happened yet, after your panel interview, you’ll have a casual meet-and-greet with members of the team to see if everyone is a good fit.
  6. Once everyone, including you, has determined we are good match, we will contact you with a formal offer. Welcome to the team!

Please note, after each step, we continue to narrow down the candidate pool until we get to our final selection at step 6. If you are not selected at any point in the process, we will notify you via email. 

Why all these steps?

Because joining our team is a major decision for both you and us. We want to know that we’re the right fit. Working at MEC is about more than just doing a job; you're joining a family. We are proud of the culture we built and want to make sure our newest family member keeps that momentum going.