As reliable high-speed options have become increasingly available across our nation and world, much of rural America has remained unserved and underserved. We’re actively transforming the rural experience for co-op members with fiber internet, the gold standard of residential and business connections.

We’re building out our southwest Michigan electric service territory based on substation service areas, called Zones. When we’re ready to add a new area into construction, we’ll go to the zone that is closest to goal based on sign-ups. We’re also taking expressions of interest from our southeast Michigan members so we can build a construction plan for that portion of our service territory. No matter where you live, sign up today, then start spreading the word.

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Word On The Street

We moved from Sacramento, CA to Cassopolis (my hometown) to have a better quality of life and cost of living. When we arrived in June of 2015, we had Frontier Communications, which was terrible. It went out each and every day we had it and was extremely slow. I could barely use the internet, let alone streaming music or video. Now that we have fiber, we can watch Netflix or Hulu on our TV, on an iPad and computer too all at once. It’s faster than our Comcast cable service we had in CA.
Tom, Cassopolis
Love the speed and pricing of service packages. Great Internet afforded to us customers living in rural areas!
Heather, Dowagiac
I am extremely pleased with Midwest’s internet service. After years of paying for Frontier and not being able to use our service, I don’t look at it as paying to have Midwest’s service. I see it as a bargain price to pay NOT to have Frontier. Good job. Keep it up.
Danny, Dowagiac
This has been great!! Beats the crap out of old dialup service and my Sprint service. Can watch my Amazon TV, use my iPhone and my laptop. Thing is fast!
Ginny, Three Rivers
I LOVE my internet. The stress from data overages is long gone, no more having to tell the kids to not use internet for a few days due to data. The speed is impeccable and we have had nothing but a positive experience for the last 3 months. Thank you!!
Carey, Cassopolis