From the moment you join our team, you become part of our culture. It’s a culture built around rural community members helping one another out. Because we’re proud of being a part of a place where we all belong.

MEC employees volunteering

At MEC we are encouraged to volunteer, give back and help each other.  We have several programs we are passionate about.

Employee Programs

  • Midwest Employees Give Back (MEGB): We are passionate about helping individuals or organizations near-and-dear to our heart.  Through MEGB, participating employees have money deducted from their paychecks to put towards community and individual donations. Donation recipients are nominated by and chosen by employees. 
  • Midwest Employees Recognizing Values (MERV) Award: Our employees do some pretty awesome things.  Whether it is saving a cat stuck in a tree, shoveling a customer’s sidewalk or solving problems on the phone—they make a BIG impact.  Every month we recognize those employees who demonstrate our values in real life.
  • Volunteering: Throughout the year, we offer volunteer opportunities such as performing yard work for elderly customers, reading to children, raising funds for local first responders, collecting and donating food to local food banks.

Community Programs

We also give back to the greater community in several ways each year: