Bring the Best You

From preparing the perfect resume to prepping for the interview, check out these tips for putting your best foot forward.

Interview tips


  • Keep it relevant. While we love to know your hobbies, we often receive hundreds of applications for one position. Make sure your resume consists of experience and achievements pertinent to the job.
  • Identify your accomplishments, not just your duties. What did you do that was exceptional?
  • Make it clean and easy to read. It should go without saying that a resume that is hard to read likely won’t get read.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread. Make sure your resume is error-free.
  • Be honest. Don’t waste your time and ours by including false information.

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  • Come prepared. Research who we are and what we are about. Build a list of questions that you want to ask us. Think beyond just the job itself. Ask about our culture, environment, goals, future plans, etc.
  • Stay calm. Everyone gets nervous when interviewing. We understand.
  • Know your resume and be prepared to talk about your past experiences and accomplishments. We will ask you about them.
  • Be yourself.
  • Again, our interviews are your opportunity to find out what we are all about. Don't hesitate to ask us.