Business Internet

Your needs are custom. So are our solutions.

Our business development team brings over 35 years of sales and industry experience in helping organizations with their communications solutions. We understand the unique needs of rural businesses and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Monthly speeds and prices

Symmetrical Speeds | Unlimited Data | 24/7 Tech Support | Outage Restoration Priority

1-49 Users/Employees

    • Business 100
    • Great for uploading, downloading, emailing, and processing multiple transactions.
    • 100 Mbps
      Download and Upload
    • $70/MO.
    • Business 250
    • Best suited for video conferencing, streaming audio, and video. 
    • 250 Mbps
      Download and Upload
    • $80/MO.
    • Business 500
    • Meet the demands of multiple user video conferencing, data-intensive backups, and cloud computing.
    • 500 Mbps
      Download and Upload
    • $100/MO.
    • Business Gig
    • The best solution for everything business connecting more users on more devices.
    • 1 Gbps
      Download and Upload
    • $150/MO.
    • Business 5 Gig
    • Best for data-intensive file sharing and working in near real-time.
    • 5 Gbps
      Download and Upload
    • $300/MO.

50+  Users/Employees

100 Mbps 
Download and Upload


250 Mbps
Download and Upload


500 Mbps
Download and Upload


1 Gbps
Download and Upload


5 Gbps
Download and Upload



  • Managed Wi-Fi with industry-leading equipment built for small businesses and home offices.

  • Free mobile app to manage connected devices, set up guest networks, test speeds, see bandwidth usage, and more. Advanced device control and network security are also available. Must use managed Wi-Fi service to access the app.

Dedicated Ethernet

Low Latency | Ethernet Speeds | Secure Connections

Ethernet Private Line: A fiber-optic low latency networking solution that provides a scalable and secure connection between two locations.

Ethernet Private LAN

Ethernet Virtual Private LAN: Multiple sites connect via dedicated bandwidth to a multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet virtual circuit.

Ethernet Private LAN

Additional Options

Static IP Addresses
Advanced SLA - $100/mo. 

Contact us for pricing and details.

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