Business Internet

Small Business (1-9 Users)

    • Basic
    • 25 Mbps
    • $49.95/mo.
    • Advanced
    • 50 Mbps
    • $59.95/mo.
    • Gig
    • 1 Gbps
    • $119.95/mo.

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi is available for each plan. Some equipment restrictions may apply. Please call us at 800.492.5989 for more details. 

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Commercial/Enterprise Solution

Do you have more than 9 users? We can customize an internet solution to meet your needs. Fill out our brief form and a representative will contact you soon. 

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Need an IP Address?

Static IP addresses are available. Customers requesting IP addresses are required to complete an IP Justification Form.

Quantity price
1 IP Address (/30 Subnet) $5/mo.
5 IP Addresses (/29 Subnet) $20/mo.
13 IP Addresses (/28 Subnet) $60/mo.
29 IP Addresses (/27 Subnet) $140/mo.