Becoming an Electric Lineman

At MEC we maintain and build our own distribution electric lines.  Our 20+ journeyman are committed to keeping the lights on for our 35,000 customers. They work hard to restore power as quickly and as safely as possible, no matter the conditions, and are proud to be members of the MEC family and community. 

MEC linemen making repairs

How to Become an Apprentice

Are you interested in joining our team of electrical workers? All of our linemen have received at least 7,000 hours of on-the-job training to receive their journeyman card. When looking for our next lineman we often hire apprentices.

What We Look for:
  • A valid commercial driver license
  • A DOT medical examiner’s card
  • Completion of an electric line school/program
  • Electric or fiber line crew experience is preferred 
  • You live within 90 miles of your assigned office

Our Apprentices

Once you join our team you will be enrolled in the Joint Michigan Apprentice Program, (JMAP), a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recognized program. JMAP has partnered with Northwest Lineman College to provide an outstanding program of in-the-field and classroom learning. 

Once you complete your apprenticeship at MEC you will receive your Journeyman B card and a DOL certification.  It will take you three to four years to complete the necessary on-the-job hours, fieldwork and classroom training to complete the program. 

We require all of our apprentices to agree to five years of service with MEC.  Apprentices who leave MEC before their five-year commitment is completed must pay back a pro-rated amount of their training costs. 

Tools of the Trade

We provide our apprentices with many tools of the trade upon hiring; however, you are responsible for your own line boots, hooks and climbing belt.  Here is a look at some of an electric lineman's equipment:

Lineworker Gear