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You Will Love
Our Energy


There’s a constant energy at MEC and it’s much bigger than the services we provide. It’s a buzz felt wherever our employees gather, whether in the office or in the field.

Because we genuinely like each other. We help each other solve problems. We boost each other up. And at the end of the day, we gather for fun and share stories about our work and home lives.

We’ve worked hard to build a culture we’re proud of, a culture that values taking care of each other, collaborating on new ideas and standing up for our rural community. We’re excited about the work we do and who we get to do that work with.

We’re MEC. With us, it’s all about the energy.


A culture based
on community

  • You want to a part of a group of people who genuinely like each other
  • You show up when needed—in the workplace and in the neighborhood
  • If a teammate needs something, you’re on it
  • It’s like Cheers; a place where everyone knows your name

Doing the
right thing

  • You are a good listener and support your colleagues when they need it
  • When you make a commitment, you mean it
  • You call yourself out if you mess up
  • You’re open to talking about tough stuff and figuring out how to fix it


  • You like coming up with new ideas and sharing them
  • You’ve got collaboration in your genes
  • You greet change with a high-five
  • You take the right risks

Being excited about
your work

  • Your enthusiasm for your work is infectious
  • You like learning new things
  • You demonstrate quality in all that you do
  • You’re genuinely proud of your work
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Health Insurance

We offer three comprehensive PPO medical plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and you are eligible for benefits the first month after 30 days of employment.

  • Base High Deductible Health Plan: $1,350 individual deductible, $2,700 two-person/family deductible
  • $2K/$4k High Deductible Health Plan: $2,000 individual deductible, $4,000 two-person/family deductible and plan includes Rx copays
  • No Deductible Plan: $10 office copay, plus Rx copays

Download our full benefits summary for more information.

Health Savings Account / Health Reimbursement Account

Health Savings Accounts

We understand that paying for high deductibles can be a challenge, so we’re here to help. Each of our high deductible health plans (HDHP) is paired with an HSA that will save you hundreds of dollars by paying for deductible and other healthcare expenses before taxes. When you enroll in one of our HDHPs, we deposit money into an HSA, set up by you, once you become eligible for coverage.

You are also eligible, and encouraged, to make your contributions into this tax-free savings account. However, deposits can’t exceed the yearly IRS maximum amount.

  • Base High Deductible Health Plan: $62.50/mo. MEC deposit for individuals, $125/mo. deposit for two-person/family plans
  • $2K/$4K High Deductible Health Plan: $125/mo. MEC deposit for individuals, $250/mo. deposit for two-person/family plans

Health Reimbursement Account
If you choose to enroll in our No Deductible Plan, we work with Arcadia Benefit Group to reimburse you for prescription copays above $20.

Download our full benefits summary for more information on both of these benefit accounts.

Dental Insurance

We offer affordable dental insurance through Delta Dental, which includes a $1,000 maximum annual benefit per member. You are eligible for benefits the first month after 30 days of employment.

Download our full benefits summary for more information.

Retirement Savings

Saving for retirement today is critical to ensure you have financial security in your later years. We offer a generous retirement plan and we contribute to your plan regardless of your personal contribution amount. You become eligible for retirement contributions at the beginning of the first calendar quarter following your start date.

Download our full benefits summary for more information.

Financial Security

When the unexpected happens, we want you to be protected. We offer life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance and long-term disability. You can also purchase additional life insurance should you need extra income protection.

Download our full benefits summary for more information.

Paid Time Off

We understand that a healthy work-life balance helps create happier, more productive employees. So we offer generous leave to give you the time you need to spend with your loved ones and community.

  • Paid Time Off: New employees earn 5.85 hours per pay period
  • Extended Sick Leave: You earn 4 hours per month to use towards documented illnesses of four consecutive days or longer
  • Holidays: We offer paid holidays for New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and even your birthday!

Download our full benefits summary for more information.



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