Smart Devices for Energy Efficiency

Published on Wednesday, May 29, 2024 in Electric

Did you know smart devices can increase your home's energy efficiency?

How It Works

Many smart devices let you monitor their energy use directly from your phone. This gives you a better idea of how you’re using power and can help you decide whether to change your usage.

Programmable smart devices can be told to activate on a schedule or only when you’re home. This means they consume less energy when nobody is using them.

Some devices also send alerts to your phone if they start having issues, lowering the possibility that an unnoticed maintenance problem will cause them to use more power than needed.

Start Small

Even though large appliances like your water heater use the most power, it’s easiest to focus on simple upgrades first.

  • Smart Plugs are a fast, easy way to convert even your ordinary appliances into smart devices. They work by plugging into an outlet, and then plugging your device into the smart plug. From your phone, you can monitor the plug’s (and therefore your device’s) power consumption, turn it on and off, and schedule times for it to activate.
  • Smart Lightbulbs have the same energy management features as other smart devices. Additionally, they’re often LED bulbs, which use up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting while having a longer lifespan, according to Energy Star.
  • Smart Thermostats interact with your heating and cooling system—typically the biggest energy user in your home. Many of them can even detect if you’re home and automatically adjust settings while you’re away.

More Ideas

Those are the basics, but the world of smart devices is vast. If you’re looking to replace a larger appliance, it may benefit you to consider one with smart features, especially if certified by Energy Star.

  • Smart Refrigerators alert you when the door is open. Some even have cameras inside so you can choose a snack without letting all the cold air out.
  • Motion Sensors detect when someone is in the room and turn on lights, turning them back off when the room is empty. This curbs the energy that gets wasted when someone leaves a room without turning the lights off.
  • Smart Sprinkler Controllers can schedule your irrigation based on the weather, saving not just energy but also water.

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